The World Is Changing Fast

Consumers are PRICE and increasingly ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious and expect high quality product at value on demand. They also demand better, more nutritious, personalised eating options and better brand experiences. Despite this many families are eating poor quality junk food on a regular basis because of price, convenience and brand positioning.

Restaurants are being squeezed on all fronts due to increasing rents, high labour costs, rising food costs and intense competition including from delivery players charging unsustainably high commissions. Many are folding.

Social media and peer to peer recommendation are becoming increasingly important in the way people discover and share positive eating experiences.

Food waste and sustainability are at unacceptable levels and rising.

Food delivery is growing fast– leading to the emergence of Food delivery platforms building infrastructure for last mile logistics at competitive prices. Consumer demand and expectation of food delivery is also rising.


To create the most efficient and sustainable virtual kitchen network in the world


To give families wider access to healthier alternatives to the food they love at prices they can afford


Modularity – We can tailor our kitchens to suit the scale, brand offering and location.

Scalability – We choose our equipment to give the best possible product whist ensuring that we have consistency of product to the customer and minimum waste which is good for profits and good for the environment.

Reproducibility – Adopting lean manufacturing techniques we ensure we have a system of continuous improvement, customer focus and quality control. We invest in technology that allows us to standardise and automise processes whilst maintaining fresh and high quality food and an artisan flair.

Sustainability – Wherever possible we will choose the most environmentally friendly packaging for our products and use focus on healthy and sustainable food sources.
We striving through the application of cutting edge technology to pioneer the better use of science and the big data world of flavour to create flavourful plant based offerings.

Our kitchen model is about modularity, scalability and reproducibility and we will build our brands with this in mind along with one eye focussed on market drives such as health, sustainability and environmental impact.


Smart Kitchen

+ System automation
+ Connected equipment
+ Smart utilisation of resources (tech, equipment, space & personnel)
+ Waste reduction tech
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Smart Brands

+ Fast, fresh, clean and lower in calories & saturated fats
+ Data lead, customer centric brands
+ Leading chefs focusing on producing high quality food at affordable prices
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Smart Tech

+ Real-Time End-to-End Data Analysis.
+ Fully Integrated systems design.
+ Reducing operational frictional and human touch points.
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