The Landscape

The way the world is moving is causing uncertainty in the traditional F&B model but there are opportunities to innovate and scale at pace

The way we eat is changing fast

  1. Food delivery is exploding – 20% Year on Year Growth. By 2030, the global food delivery market will be worth £365 Bn.
  2. The traditional restaurant model is failing and the high street is struggling;  High Capex, High Risk, hard to scale fast.
  3. Pre-covid insolvencies in F&B for 2019 increased by 25% – the highest in years. Post Covid, the situation is worse and there have been multiple closures across established high street brands.

Consumer expectations are influencing these changes

  1. Consumer trends are moving faster than ever before. Veganism and Health first. In fact, 42% of vegans have changed their diets in the last year.
  2. For consumers, sustainability, digital content & experience matter more than ever. 50% of online shoppers say they have stopped buying from brands that don’t share their values. Twisted’s facebook page registered 290m views in April 2020. An increase of 28%.

The food delivery revolution is here

We partner with operators and equip them with delivery-led food brands, tech and cutting edge digital marketing to drive new, highly profitable channels at pace with minimal investment.